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artofmyheart's Journal

Art of my Heart
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Graphic Community

This community is just for graphics made by divinedrabbles. Why the name, artofmyheart? It pretty much stands out; I put my heart into making graphics. All the graphics posted here will be a range of icons, banner, gifs and wallpapers. None of the graphics posted here will be repulsive or at all crude. I decided to open this community because I wanted a place to post my graphics, where everyone can enjoy them and that I can still keep my journal private. I will try to update as much as I can, so please, feel free to watch or join.

1) This community is no longer open and is now only for my graphics.
2) No bashing of the graphics posted, however constructive criticism is welcome.
3) Credit is a must if taking, a tutorial is positioned beneath every post.
4) Comments are nice, but are a must if you are taking anything.
5) Do not claim my graphics as your own, a lot of time and effort goes into making them.
6) Please feel free join or watch this community, support is welcomed.

COMMUNITY CREATOR: divinedrabbles
COMMUNITY LAYOUT: milou_veronica
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